A Conference For Everyone

Although Reconnect.Brisbane is sometimes billed as 'organised by developers, for developers' that's not totally true.

We welcome everyone, be it your full time job to develop Claris FileMaker solutions, or if you are just starting. If you are at the early stages of your journey in FileMaker, either in development or as a business owner, Reconnect.Brisbane could be a good starting point.

Last year at Reconnect.Sydney we had a number of business owners attend, their interest being to find out whether Claris FileMaker was the right fit for them. It also provided opportunities to talk to the developer community, hear stories about similar projects, and to get a sense of what is possible.

One of those attending was Toni from Focus Individualised Support Services in Victoria. Within the organisation they use a large number of disparate applications that makes the organisation less efficient than Toni would like.

Toni came along to Reconnect.Sydney to check out whether Claris FileMaker was the right fit for them, both now and into the future. She walked away with a far greater understanding of the platform and the wider community, and it gave her confidence that this was the best pathway forward. It's true to say that some technical sessions were not always relevant or at her level of understanding, but she got to see some of the best developers in the world showing off new techniques and solutions.

"I wholeheartedly recommend attending the Reconnect Conference like we did last year. It's an opportunity to delve deeper into this incredible product, and to get you and your team inspired and discover firsthand how Claris FileMaker can revolutionise your business."

Toni Stewart
CEO - Focus Individualised Support Services

If you are interested in coming, and are maybe sitting on the fence, do reach out to the organisers, we are happy to help with any questions you might have.